Tube-End Former HWP Series

Tube-end forming machines are capable of processing various types of forming such as expanding, beading, swaging, nut crimping, closing, tapering, to branching. It forms connecting part with fittings including nuts, joints, and flange metals on tubes.

Tube-end Working Examples

HWP Series Features

  • Capable of producing various end forms of high precision with perfect control 
  • Capable of processing any material such as copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel 
  • Capacity any length 
  • Quick & easy change tooling 
  • Integrated design of mechanism and electrical system, with space-saving, high rigidity 
  • A wide range of optional automation devices for labor saving 
  • Various optional attachments such as nut insertion, O.D. measurement and inferior work pieces rejection, simultaneous dual-end forming
  • Safety devices such as safety mats, safety fences, and touch sensors for safety operation (option) 
  • Remote monitor management for unattended operation at nighttime (option)