Chiyoda Kogyo. Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda) was established in 1949.  Chiyoda has been the leading manufacturer of tube bending machine for over 70 years.  Chiyoda applied the power and versatility of its unique tube fabrication technology in a wide range of industries.  As the manufacturer of a comprehensive lineup of tube bending machines, they lead the tube fabricating industry with their advanced technology.

Maruka USA is the sole distributor of Chiyoda machines and the parts in the United States since 2003.  Our technicians provide fast and thorough services and customization solutions that fit your production needs.


High-performance Computer controlled tube bender

General-purpose machine to bend angle in numerically controlled

Capable of processing various types of forming (expanding, beading, etc)


Genuine OEM parts are available & in stock for quick shipment.


Technicians are available by phone and onsite service calls for support and troubleshooting.