CNC Tube Bender – EX Series

Bender Applications

Our Benders are widely used in many industries and capable of supporting customers’ various needs. Below are some examples of industries using our machines:

Many Other Industries

Available Options

Many options are available for our machines, from attached to machine body, automation, and safety to support efficient productions.

Multiple R Bending
Safety Zoning
Many other options

Hydraulic-free CNC tube bender driven by AC servomotors and pneumatic (air pressure), coming standard with a simple tube loader / unloader. 

The best seller general-purpose machine model, suitable for bending small OD tubes for air-conditioners, gas apparatus and cars. 

The CNC tube bender for bending copper and aluminum tubes up to Φ19Maximum 1000 part-programs can be storedUSB port provided for external memory. 

The 3-axis AC servomotor controlled tube bender for tubes up to Φ25 for packaged air conditioners, refrigerating showcases and hot water supply equipment.

The high-speed model which can perform 1300 bends per hourThe bending motion driven by the AC servomotor, which do not require a conventional method of bend chain use, realizes easy maintenance and high accuracy.

The medium class CNC bender for bending tube for such as construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, automobile sheet pipes and truck hinges. 

The upper medium class model for car mufflers, guard frame pipes and marine vessel piping. 

EX Series Features

Bend simulation software

High-performance controller

  • 15inch full color touch panel
  • Windows OS based control panel
  • USB port for external memory
  • Up to 1000 bender programs data storage

Various Software

  • Operable in online communication
  • Bending simulation
  • Languages available in Japanese, English, and other

Environment-friendly machines

  • Clean workplace environment
  • Machines for various purposes
  • High speed, quiet and long life