NC Tube Bender – RB Series

RB series is general-purpose machine model that only its bend angle is numerically controlled. It is available for bending round tube as well as profiles including square tube, extruded aluminum, and angle steel.

RB Series Features

NC Controller

  • Up to 9 NC setting of bend angles per part 
  • Up to 99 channels (bending program) can be stored 
  • Adoption of non-relay circuit by IC board 
  • Durability enhancement by adapting flat panel switch

Operation and flexibility

  • RBM type (bend axis servomotor control) achieves eco-friendly, silent operation 
  • Compact structure with packaged-type hydraulic unit 
  • Operation mode: Manual, Auto, Jog, and Once Stop
  • Automatic operation can be changed by variable sequence input 

Safety and Maintenance

  • Safety plate for emergency stop of rotational frame as standard equipment 
  • Safety mat and light curtain (option)  
  • Emergency Stop push button as a standard feature 
  • Automatic stop of production by pre-set counter as a standard feature