KAN Manufactory Co., LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maruka based in Japan. Maruka USA is the sole purveyor of KAN part washing machines in the United States. Learn more about KAN Manufactory.


CNC high pressure washing machine

  • Certainty and speedy target washing is possible by combination of plenty type of nozzle, such as direct injection, rotary, and large flow nozzle, etc.
  • A combination of high speed 4 split index table and 90 degrees flipping jig realize 6 sides target washing. Also, it’s possible to multilateral washing such as diagonal hole, by replacing the index table to NC table.


Turntable type CNC high pressure washing machine

  • Standard mounted turntable realized process consolidation.
  • Workpiece can be desorbed during washing, which realized improvement of working efficiency and shortening of cycle time.
  • Line automation is possible by transport devices (gantry / articulated robot).


Tool changing CNC high pressure washing machine

  • 5 axis NC realize a high precise washing and deburring.
  • Max 60MPa and high accuracy of angle control are achieved by own developed automatic tool changer (ATC).
  • High accuracy and high speed washing by tool change + max speed 50m/min driving unit.


Underwater shower washing machine

  • During shower washing, injection of a large amount of water can form a water flow, and oils and chips have removed and washed away by overflow.
  • Only setting a workpiece and pushing a start button, it will automatically perform a series of process of retraction, washing, air blowing and pulling out.
  • A cavitation washing in submerged condition can obtain a higher cleaning effect than former shower washing machines.


Rotary type shower washing machine with vacuum dryer

  • 3 steps of washing, air blowing and vacuum drying are carried out with 1 unit, and the drying degree has been improved.
  • Adopted a rotary table and realized space saving.


Articulated robot type high pressure washing machine

  • 6 axis controlled articulated robot enables to wash complicated shaped workpieces flexibly.
  • It copes with various shapes of workpiece by programming, and contributes to reduction of changeover cost.
  • Space saving has realized by 1,100mm facility width, so that it’s easy to consider a line-layout or replace of existing machines.


Orthogonal robot type high pressure washing machine

  • High speed target washing of 6 sides can be achieved by using an orthogonal robot effectively.
  • It’s possible to high pressure washing of 10MPa.


Parts washing machine

  • Shower washing and air blowing are carried out with 1 unit.
  • It’s optimal for washing small parts, and easy to consider a line-layout because of its compact body size.
  • When jigs are installed according to workpiece, it’s possible to simple target washing and air blowing.


In addition to the standard machines, KAN develops and manufactures parts cleaning equipment that meets our customer’s requests.