The unmatched precision of the Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine (CMM) solutions help you achieve faster, more accurate inspection and quality assurance. Our CMMs are suited for up to five-axis measuring and three-dimensional tolerances in a wide array of contact and non-contact applications. For applications like factory intelligence and advanced manufacturing, Mitutoyo CMMs integrate seamlessly while delivering the reliable precision you need. To learn more about Mitutoyo click here.

Why Choose Mitutoyo?

Advanced Digital Control

Our CMM solutions deliver precisely controlled coordinate positioning, movement and speed for maximum measuring performance.

Multiple Sensor Support

Our CMM solutions can be used with a wide range of contact and non-contact sensors: single-point, active scanning, five-axis, laser, optical, surface finish and more.

Smooth, Precise Movements

Our CMM solutions have self-adjusting air bearings on all axes to make movements smooth, quick and precise — delivering the accuracy you need.

Thermal Compensation

Sophisticated sensors detect and correct for temperature variations in real time. This provides a level of CMM measurement accuracy that typically requires a thermally controlled room.

High-Accuracy Construction

Our bridge-type CMMs are designed using a finite element method (FEM) analysis that makes guideways straighter and more rigid. This also ensures effective vibration dampening.

Large Heavy Duty Machines

Separate guide bridge-type CMMs designed to be used for measuring large, heavy workpieces with high accuracy and drive speed equipped with a system to automatically restore accuracy deterioration (MOVAC) caused by foundation deformation as a standard feature.