Established in 1960, Nakamura-Tome has developed innovative technologies for precision CNC lathes and machining centers. Nakamura-Tome has established a dominant position as a leader of multi-tasking turning centers, and their cutting-edge technologies play a significant role in numerous industries, including automotive, aerospace and medical. Learn more about Nakamura-Tome.

Multi-Tasking Machines


The WY series are twin spindle machines with two turrets, upper and lower, both with Y-axis. With this configuration, the opportunity exists to drastically reduce cycle times, by offering highly capable features like pinch milling, drilling and turning, as well as unique ff centerinterpolative functions that can be performed on both spindles.


The latest B-Axis tool spindle machine from Nakamura-Tome. A very heavy-duty machine with full twin spindles and a robust tool spindle. Featuring the new Smart X control from Nakamura using Windows 8 software. There are 2 models, 8 in chucks with 2.5 in bar capacity or a 10 in chuck with 3.15 bar capacity.


The NTJ is very unique with an upper turret having a B axis of 184 degree swing. Both Upper and Lower turrets have a Y axis. The machine has a 54 tool capacity. You can do profile milling with the upper turret.


Super NTJX offers powerful capabilities at hand. When a Y-Axis is introduced on a lower turret featuring high rigidity tools, machining limitations are further reduced. By using the Y-Axis for simultaneous machining with the upper and lower turrets, machining process layout optimization becomes a reality.


Introducing the world’s first Twin ATC B-Axis lathe. With the Super NTMX, 5-Axis machining is coupled with dedicated left and right side ATC’s giving the operator easy access to tool setup and maintenance while the machine is running.


The Super NTX with its tool spindle on the upper side, and two turrets on the lower side, is a machine featuring the ultimate in multi-tasking technology. By featuring two opposite chucks on the left and right hand sides, coupled with high precision part transfer from the left to right hand chuck, all-face simultaneous complete machining in one single chucking becomes a reality.


The WT-Series turning centers are the most diverse range of dual turret multi-tasking turning centers available today. These versatile machines are used in the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. With upper and lower 24 station turrets, complete families of parts can be machined with minimal setup times. Nakamura-Tome offers standard conversational programming on all multi-tasking models!


Nakamura-Tome’s NTY3 multitasking platform is the most productive 3-turret machine for today’s manufacturers. The large distance between spindle faces at 47.2 in allows for no interference issue to have multiple tools in the cut simultaneously. Your cycle time reduction can be optimized with ease. The new 19 in LCD NT-IPS control makes the operator interface so friendly, with 30% fewer buttons and switches.


The MX-100 is a state-of-the-art, compact high-precision Multitasking Machine, with the capabilities of a Machining Center and a Turning Center, featuring advanced software, smart features and up to 96 tools, to ensure high productivity machining of a wide range of parts, and to smartly meet the needs of various manufacturing sectors.